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Hyperpigmentation is darkened skin areas due to excess melanin production, caused by factors like sun exposure, hormones, acne, or skin injuries. It affects all skin types, posing challenges for an even complexion Hyperpigmentation affects individuals of all skin types and tones, and it often presents challenges in achieving an even and radiant complexion. Aesthetic treatments combat it by reducing excess pigmentation and enhancing skin tone, promoting a radiant, flawless look.


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Microneedling for hyperpigmentation is a gentle cosmetic procedure using a device with small needles to create tiny injuries in the skin. This prompts the skin to heal itself naturally, promoting collagen production and cell turnover. This process can effectively treat hyperpigmentation by making the skin's colour pigment, melanin, distribute more evenly. The small injuries from the needles also help topical treatments absorb better. For best results in reducing hyperpigmentation, multiple microneedling sessions are usually advised, spaced out over several weeks to let the skin gradually heal and rejuvenate.

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Polynucleotides is an innovative concept of regenerative medicine that also aids reducing oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals, which accumulate in the skin due to factors like stress, cellular damage, or UV exposure. By promoting a more balanced distribution of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colour, polynucleotides may assist in reducing hyperpigmentation and achieving a more even skin tone.

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Mesotherpay/microinfusion for hyperpigmentation entails injecting a tailored mixture of Hakari Laboratory products that are clinically proven to visibly whiten the complexion and diminish hyperpigmentation caused by scarring, hormones, aging and sun exposure. This personalized blend helps regulate melanin production and distribution and reduce hyperpigmentation.

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Skin Boosters

The Neofound Skin booster is able to cope with the various imperfections associated with ageing including hyperpigmentation. Neofound has been designed to brighten, whiten and tighten the skin by targeting and feeding the skin at a cellular level for all ages and types. For a tighter feel, more volume and collagen stimulation providing a healthy hydrated glow.

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