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Finding My Why.

I've always being a creative soul, so having my own creative business has been a dream

come true. One thing that I was completely unaware of before I set up Betty Noir however, was the pure joy and happiness I get from helping other people feel good about themselves -and I'm talking real euphoric joy and happiness here! Like when you've not eaten chocolate all week and then you finally taste it's divinely sweet, creamy goodness! Mmm mmm mmmmmm!

So when I started to look into training to become a life coach, everything just clicked for me. I was forever questioning whether I was doing enough to help others, what else did I feel I had the skill set to help others with? As I read through the first module of my life coaching course, that feeling of real purpose that I felt had been missing, was right there in front of me, and not only was I learning ways in which I could help others, I was learning how to help myself too. Bonus!

Through my work as a photographer and hair and makeup artist, I meet ladies from all walks of life, and much like the chair at a hairdressing salon, I hear stories from women who have been through unimaginable journeys and struggles in their lives. While my work as Betty Noir helps these ladies feel more confident physically, I always found myself longing to be able to help them psychologically too.

I too had experienced that feeling of uncertainty, of being lost and not knowing your own mind, not knowing which direction to take. Not knowing your WHY! It's exhausting and disheartening, and often can be quite distressing.

I'm a self confessed self-saboteur. Just as I feel like I'm getting somewhere and achieving something truly great, my limiting beliefs will kick in and drag me back down to where I believe I deserve to be, and until recently I didn't even realise this is what was happening, I didn't realise that I had control over my own thoughts and feelings about myself.

At my lowest points I always found myself trawling the internet for self-help guides and practices, some of which were invaluable in helping me through to the other side of depression and mental blocks, and it's these methods that I am now discovering are all part of life coaching. In studying life coaching professionally, I am now able to understand them in a much deeper way, and how to apply them to every aspect of my own life. With this new found depth of knowledge, I'm feeling extremely excited to be heading along this enlightening pathway, and really hope to be able to share with some of you the tools needed to make, meet and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

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