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Preparing For Your Photoshoot

Your first time on a photo shoot can feel a little daunting, so I have complied a list of pre shoot tips to help you prepare, and make sure your photo shoot day is a relaxed and fun experience.

betty noir hair 5.jpg


If you are having your hair styled by myself for your photoshoot, I usually recommend washing your hair the day before. But of course you know your hair best, so please do whatever you feel most comfortable with. There is always an exception to the rule.

If you have died hair and have regrowth showing, or like to cover any greys, then it's a good idea to visit your hairdresser 1-2 weeks prior to your shoot.

DSC_0186 kd edit 2.jpg


The day before your shoot give your body a gentle exfoliation, concentrating on areas such as knees, elbows and the soles of your feet, and moisturise  all over.

If you wax, epilate, shave etc then make sure that coincides well, with the timing of your shoot. If you usually experience any redness after waxing, make sure you time your appointment a few days or a week before your shoot.

One or two days before your photoshoot give your face a gentle exfoliation and moisturise.

Any treatments that you usually have or would like to have in preparation for your shoot, such as eyebrows, lashes or hair removal, should be done up to a week before your shoot, to avoid any possible reactions being visible on the day.

If you get a spot or have any skin issues, please do not worry! The combination of professional makeup, good lighting, and post processing with photography, can hide a multitude of sins. I've got your back!

If you like to use fake tan, again make sure this is done in good time, to avoid any possible mishaps, patchiness, orange hands... we've all been there.

Please try your best not to get sunburnt in the build up to your shoot. Whilst tan lines can be removed with editing, it can leave you feeling a little uncomfortable, which isn't great when being asked to pose for the camera. I wont give you a lecture on sun damage. I am sure you are all aware of the risks. 

cuticle care


One of the things that often gets forgotten, are your fingernails and toenails!

Make sure they are clean, and if you like to have them painted be sure to choose a colour that works well with your chosen look for your photoshoot.

Your hands draw in peoples eyeline, so they are used a lot in posing to draw attention to, and frame certain features and body parts.

Oval, almond and stiletto nail shapes can help elongate fingers and create more elegant hand gestures.

betty noir dressing area 2.jpg


All photoshoot packages include full access to all of the clothes and props in Betty's Closet, but it is always a good idea to bring along a back up plan, just in case, and you may have something that is more personal to you that you would love to wear for your photoshoot.

I frequently have ladies rock up with a suitcase full of  outfits, so don't be shy! Even if none of it gets used, it's better to be over prepared and have lots of options.

Things that you will need to bring along with you are shoes and lingerie items.

I do carry a good selection of corsets and robes, but more intimate items such as knickers and bras will need to be provided by yourself.

A plain black set can go a long way, as can a nude bra, thong or knickers.

Ellis Betty Noir Studio 2.jpg


I pride myself in being great at giving my models direction with their posing. You don't need to have been in front of a camera before, to step foot in my studio. The majority of ladies who come to see me feel quite self conscious when it comes to posing, so I like to take the time to guide you through each pose and help you look your very best.

But practising in front of a mirror before your shoot can be great fun, and a great way to build your own confidence and get to know your body.

A good place to start is to find photographs that you love and try to recreate those poses.

Take note of the way the body is angled in relation to the camera, direction of the feet, the pointed toes, where their weight is sitting, is it to one side to help create curves? Where are their hands?

I have a tonne of posing and facial expression tips ready to share with you, so you can relax and enjoy the experience. 

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