The 700 sq ft Studio is available for hire for amateur and professional photographers.

The studio is on the first floor, and boasts

several styled sets for shooting in.

  • Art Deco lounge

  • 50s diner

  • 50s hair salon

  • 9ft wide vinyl backdrops in black, white, baby pink, red/pink.

  • 9ft wide powder blue paper backdrop.

  • 5ft wide backdrop in yellow.

  • 5ft wide backdrop in crimson.

  • White block wall.

  • 8ft wide backdrop on wheels, blue fabric one side, grey on the other. Also suitable for pinning interchangeable backdrops to (I have a small range of photo print backdrops perfect for this. 3ft x 5ft.) 

  • Large pink curtain screen.

  • Swing with rose garlands adorning the ropes & picket fence.

  • A range of smaller photo print backdrops. 3ft x 5ft.



  • Teal velvet scallop chair.

  • Blue and gold chaise.

  • Black boudoir chair.

  • x2 pink/red velvet chairs.

  • White daybed.

  • Diner table with 2 stools.

  • Green retro bedroom chair. 

  • Various dress screens.

  • Fake plant.

  • Side table.

  • Lamps.

  • Rugs

  • Cocktail trolley


Props include:

  • Original 50s hooded dryer 

  • A selection of vintage repro dresses

  • Furs

  • Jewellery

  • Hats & hair accessories

  • Parasols and umbrellas

  • Whip

  • Sailor hats and life ring

  • Fluffy Petticoats

  • Gloves 

  • Vintage telephone

  • Vintage suitcases

  • Gramophone

  • Plus so much more!



Photography kit available includes:

  • X3 Pixapro Lumi strobes and stands

  • One boom arm stand

  • X2 softboxes

  • 22” beauty dish with grid and diffuser

  • X2 snoots with various colour gels

  • 7” reflector dish with 10/30/50* grids

  • 7” reflector dish with purple gel

  • Reflectors and reflector boom arm

  • Flash triggers and receiver

  • X2 19” continuous ring lights 

  • 35” product photography tent with various colour backdrops

  • Umbrellas

  • Smoke machine



There is also a kitchen with kettle and fridge, WC, plenty of free parking, central heating and free WIFI.


Props, backdrops and kit are all continually growing and being added to.


I am also available as an in-house hair and makeup artist for £46, should your model require one.


There is a separate beauty room adjoining the studio space, and a curtained changing area in the studio for models to get ready.

Hire price £25 per hour. Discount available for multiple hours and block bookings.

betty noir studio no 3 d.jpg
betty noir studio 3 b.jpg
betty noir studio no 3 c.jpg
betty noir 50s salon_edited.jpg
betty noir 50s set.jpg
betty noir dressing area.jpg
betty noir dressing area 3.jpg
betty noir dressing area 2.jpg
betty noir day bed.jpg
betty noir backdrops.jpg