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All That Jazz!

Behold the epitome of celebratory extravagance with our spellbinding All That Jazz party package! Prepare to be enraptured from the very moment you step onto our regal red carpet, where a flute of effervescent delight awaits.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Betty's Parlour, a haven of glamour and transformation, where pinup makeovers unfold amidst a cornucopia of delectable sweet and savory delights, all complemented by a libation or two for the daring at heart!

But the revelry doesn't end there! Your transformed party crew shall find themselves basking in the luminous spotlight, guided by Betty Noir herself. Strike a pose, unleash your inner star, and let Betty capture the essence of your joyous affair for eternity.

As the echoes of laughter and joy reverberate through the hall, it's time to unleash your inner diva in our tantalizing burlesque class. Experience the exhilarating art of the tease, as you learn a classic and playful routine that promises to bewitch and beguile.

As the grand celebration draws to a close, each of you shall depart with a wondrous showgirl goody bag, but the pièce de résistance is reserved for the radiant belle of the hour. A shimmering surprise awaits the dazzling hen or bewitching birthday darling, leaving an indelible sparkle to commemorate this dazzling affair. Indulge in the rhapsody of this enchanting experience and etch unforgettable memories in the annals of your special day.

Please allow up to 6 hours for your All That Jazz party event (time dependent upon group size).

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Scene 01

Red Carpet Reception

Embark on a journey of star-studded allure as you make your grand entrance into the studio, where the luxurious red carpet beckons, welcoming you with a flourish and a complimentary effervescent elixir to ignite the senses!

Scene 02


Indulge in a delectable feast fit for the goddesses, where a tantalizing array of savory delights and irresistible sweet confections await, ready to seduce your palate and enchant your taste buds.

*Please let us know of any specific dietary requirements we need to cater for.

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betty noir vintage makeup artist.jpg

Scene 03

The Makeover

Step into the enchanting realm of Betty's Parlour, where the whispers of a bygone era dance in the air, beckoning you to be transformed into a resplendent vintage vixen. Watch in awe as the skilled hands of Betty and her glamorous assistant Lisa weave their magic, adorning you with a captivating hair and makeup ensemble fit for a silver screen siren.

Browse through Betty's lavish wardrobe, where a treasure trove of reproduction vintage dresses awaits, each a gateway to timeless elegance and allure. Alternatively, bring forth your own cherished attire, prepared to take centre stage and bask in the luminous glow of the lens.

Scene 04


Unleash your inner diva and strike a pose, for it is in these graceful stances that Betty shall immortalize your resplendent selves in a group photoshoot, each flash of the camera capturing the essence of your collective allure and the effervescence of this unforgettable moment.

*Your package will include one group image from your shoot, sent via email. Further images will be available to purchase should you wish to, at £15 each.

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Scene 05

betty noir burlesque hen party.jpg

Burlesque Class

Embark on a thrilling journey of seduction and allure as you immerse yourself in the art of the tease, with a flirtatious classic burlesque choreography. Delight in the playful sensuality that unfolds, as you embrace the enchanting finesse and timeless elegance that define this classic form of expression.

*Don't worry there's no nudity, and this is a low impact class. Please wear whatever you are most comfortable in, whether that's leggings and a tee, or matching corsets and frilly knickers! Boas and gloves are provided.

Scene 06

Parting Gifts

Emerge from this enchanting affair adorned with your very own showgirl goody bag, brimming with delightful treasures and surprises that will keep the magic alive long after the curtains have closed. Amongst the trove of delights lies an extra special gem, reserved exclusively for the radiant star of the evening, honoring the enchanting hen or birthday darling with an unforgettable keepsake.

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Our All That Jazz package is £135 per person. Minimum party size is 5 people, and maximum 10 people.

Suitable for ages 18+ only.

So, if you are looking for a truly unique, fun and memorable way to mark your special occasion, then simply fill out the contact form below, stating your party date preferences and party size numbers.

Alternatively drop us an email at to discuss your needs.




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What they're saying about our parties:

"You put on such a spectacular event...each and every one of us loved it (catering for a group from in their twenties ti in their 70's -Amazing!) Thank You so much. I can't recommend it enough!"

Rebecca Q

"Thank you for the most fabulous hen party"

"absolutely beautiful experience"

Anna W

"Thank you for a great event! You have made it really special! Everyone was enjoying a lot!"

Oksana B

"What an amazing time we had at the studio! Betty & Lisa were absolutely fantastic and highly skilled! We thoroughly enjoyed getting our hair and makeup done, the photoshoot, and the burlesque dance routine -it was a blast! Lots of laughter all around! Highly recommended!!"

Elena B

"Such a fabulous day -thank you for being the best hosts!"

Ruth AK

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