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betty's Pinup and Showgirl Parties!

Behold the ultimate extravaganza to mark your most special moments! Whether you're stepping into your fabulous bachelorette bash, commemorating your sensational birthday, or simply craving a splurge for your exquisite self and your cherished companions, prepare to be dazzled by an experience that will leave you spellbound and exhilarated.

Picture this: Your grand entrance at the illustrious Betty Noir Studio, welcomed by a lavish red carpet reception fit for royalty.

As you step through to Betty's Vintage Parlour, a realm of timeless glamour awaits. Each of you will be meticulously transformed into a vintage siren, adorned with the quintessential allure of a bygone era, igniting an aura of undeniable elegance.

But that's just the beginning! Brace yourselves for the heart-pounding thrill as you embark on a captivating group photoshoot, capturing the essence of your collective radiance and camaraderie.

And that's not all! Get ready to unleash your inner diva in a spectacular and dynamic burlesque class, where the art of seduction becomes your playground. Delve into the tantalizing world of the tease, mastering the sultry moves and rhythms of a classic burlesque routine that will leave you and your companions electrified and empowered.

Indulge in the intoxicating blend of sophistication, fun, and a dash of playful daring, making memories that will echo through the ages. This is more than just an event; it's a rendezvous with your most audacious self, a celebration of femininity, and a tribute to the spirit of vivacious camaraderie. Get ready to embrace the spotlight and revel in an experience that will be etched in your memories forever!

Mix and match your favourite party elements listed below, or have it all and celebrate your special day in the best possible way, with our "All That Jazz" party package!

Show Me How You Burlesque!

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Embark on an extraordinary transformation into the timeless essence of a classic showgirl, as you step into our immersive 90-minute class, designed to unlock the secrets of the glittering world of burlesque. Surrender to the allure of the art of the tease, as you are guided through the playful, flirtatious rhythms of a classic burlesque routine, each step a mesmerizing dance of seduction and grace, with professional burlesque performer Betty Noir herself!

*This is a low impact class, with no nudity involved. Suitable for ages 18+

Minimum 5 people, maximum 10.

£20 per person.

Pinup Makeover with Group Photoshoot

Step into the enchanting world of modern-day pinups and silver screen sirens, as the skilled hands of Betty and her glamorous assistant Lisa work their magic, adorning you with glamorous vintage styled hair and makeup in the pinup haven of Betty's Parlour. Explore a treasure trove of reproduction vintage ensembles from Betty's exclusive wardrobe, or bring forth your own cherished attire.

Prepare to bask in the luminous spotlight as Betty Noir herself guides you through a captivating group pinup photoshoot, immortalizing the essence of your alluring transformation in frames that capture the very spirit of your friendship on your special day.

*Your package will include one image file, sent via email, along with sample images from the rest of your shoot. Further image files will be available to purchase should you wish to, at £15 each. Shoes are not provided, so please do bring along your own, and it's always a good idea to bring a backup outfit, just in case.

Please allow up to 6 hours for your party (time dependent upon party size).

Minimum 5 people, maximum 10.

£99 per person



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Feeling peckish? In addition to your makeover photoshoot party why not  delight your senses with a sumptuous feast of both savory and sweet temptations, accompanied by a refreshing array of soft beverages, all complemented by the effervescent elegance of complimentary prosecco.

This is a great added extra if you are choosing a makeover photoshoot, as you can enjoy a treat and a giggle whilst we work our way through each party members hair and makeup as we get you photoshoot ready.

*Please let us know of any specific dietary requirements we need to cater for.

This added option is available only for makeover photoshoot parties.

Minimum 5 people, maximum 10.

£20 per person


Parting Gifts

As you bid adieu, each attendee shall be gifted with a showgirl goody bag, brimming with enchanting treasures that serve as a memento of your journey into the world of pinup and showgirl splendor. Discover within its folds an array of delightful treats designed to sustain the essence of your newfound persona. Amidst this treasure trove, a sparkling surprise awaits, reserved exclusively for the luminous star of the evening, ensuring that the memory of this exceptional celebration glimmers forever in their heart.

£15 per person

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Immerse yourself completely in the resplendent allure of the pinup showgirl experience, where every moment is an enchanting dance between timeless elegance and modern-day splendor, leaving you bewitched and exhilarated by the magic of it all.

Click the button below for full details.

So, if you are looking for a truly unique, fun and memorable way to mark your special occasion, then simply fill out the contact form below, stating your chosen party elements, party date preferences and party size numbers.

Alternatively drop us an email at to discuss your needs.


Please note minimum party size is 5 people, and maximum 10 people.

Burlesque packages are suitable for ages 18+ only.


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What they're saying about Betty's parties:

"You put on such a spectacular event...each and every one of us loved it (catering for a group from in their twenties ti in their 70's -Amazing!) Thank You so much. I can't recommend it enough!"

Rebecca Q

"Thank you for the most fabulous hen party"

"absolutely beautiful experience"

Anna W

"Thank you for a great event! You have made it really special! Everyone was enjoying a lot!"

Oksana B

"What an amazing time we had at the studio! Betty & Lisa were absolutely fantastic and highly skilled! We thoroughly enjoyed getting our hair and makeup done, the photoshoot, and the burlesque dance routine -it was a blast! Lots of laughter all around! Highly recommended!!"

Elena B

"Such a fabulous day -thank you for being the best hosts!"

Ruth AK

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