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HayFever Allergic Rhinitis Consultation

  • 30 min
  • 25 British pounds
  • Betty Noir Studio|Reds Hair Co

Service Description

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is a sensitivity to pollen as well as dust and mould. Symptoms of hay fever include: • sneezing and coughing • a runny or blocked nose • itchy, red or watery eyes • itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears • loss of smell • pain around your temples and forehead • headache • earache • feeling tired Hay fever will last for weeks or months and is thought to effect approximately 20% of the population Pollen, the primary trigger for hay fever, is known to be higher during warm, dry, and windy conditions. Various types of pollen contribute to hay fever: • Tree pollen: high from February to June • Grass pollen: high from May to July • Weed pollen: high from June to September Severe symptoms of hay fever can significantly disrupt the enjoyment of the spring and summer months for many suffers. This can have a detrimental impact on their ability to work and take part in recreational activities, reducing overall quality of life. Some 10% of those with hay fever find conventional over-the-counter remedies like antihistamine tablets, nasal sprays, and eye drops ineffective. If you're experiencing severe hay fever symptoms and have exhausted all oral and topical medications without significant improvement, Betty’s Aesthetics provides consultations for alternative treatments aimed at relieving hay fever. Consultations are conducted by a registered independent nurse prescriber. This session will explore your current and past hay fever symptoms, as well as gather a comprehensive medical history. As part of the assessment, you can anticipate being weighed and having your blood pressure measured. Our nurse will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure the suitability and eligibility of alternative treatment options. We'll discuss the risks and benefits associated with each treatment choice. The consultation typically lasts 30 minutes and is priced at £25. Please note that not everyone may qualify for the available treatments and this decision is at the discretion of the nurse prescriber. The consultation fee remains applicable regardless of whether you proceed with treatment. A verbal and written consent will be required for the treatment to proceed following consultation. The consultation fee is refundable off DISCLAIMER - The treatments are not a cure for hay fever or allergic rhinitis, but do provide a temporary and effective means to help manage the symptoms through the season. In very rare instances, no improvement to

Cancellation Policy

*Any cancellations I kindly ask for you to make within 48hours prior to your appointment or you will forfeit your booking fee.

Contact Details

  • Hollyhill Park, Hollyhill Rd, Forest Vale Industrial Estate, Cinderford GL14 2YB, UK

  • Reds Hair Co, 14 Henry Street, Ross-on-Wye, UK

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